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Aims Of Collective System

The targets of PD 109/2004 which had already been achieved before July of 2006 were:
Recovery of 65% of withdrawn tires
Material recovery of at least 10% of withdrawn tires

The operation of the Ecoelastika system to date has generated sufficient and important experience for the best and most effective methods of treating ELT’ s in Greece.

The total capacity of all final recovery units treating ELT ’s could exceed 100.000 tons annually regarding the potential for processing incoming amounts, provided there were a market able to absorb the final products and by-products of mechanical treatment, which are crumb rubber, rubber powder, metals and textiles.

The basic targets of the Ecoelastika system for the next 6 years of operation are in summary as follows:

  1. Improvement of the collection system of used tires from the collection points.
  2. Measures to limit the increase of management costs.
  3. Broadening of final uses of ELT’s to civil engineering projects for the absorption of large quantities without the requirement for important investments, for the production of the end products.
  4. Improvement of contracts with end users, aiming at the provision of motives to increase the recycling rates of ELT’ s and a relevant reduction in stored quantities.
  5. Improvement of the controlling mechanism of used tires management, starting from the collection points of ELT’ s till their final delivery to recovery units.
  6. Increase of the rate of energy recovery of used tires either in Greece or abroad, with the ultimate aim of reducing the total management cost and ensuring alternative solutions for the problem of final utilization of ELT’s.
  7. Conditional “integration” of ELT’s with an external diameter of over mm into the system.