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Environmental Parameters

Used tires appear “inert” materials as they do not decompose easily and they do not pose a risk to the ground or the air.

Their energy recovery by the cement industry does not have negative effects on the environment as combustion conditions (high temperatures, closed system, online monitoring of pollutants) existing in the rotating kilns do not allow the creation of pollutants other than those emitted anyway by the combustion of primary solid fuels (e.g. pet coke, coal etc.) Also, used tires do not contain halogens in their chemical composition, and thus it is impossible to create halogenated hydrocarbons (dioxins, PCBs, etc) during energy recovery.

Temporary storage of used tires does not have environmental effects if it is performed in accordance with the approved environmental conditions for each area, health and safety regulations, and the necessary fire detection and fire extinguishing measures have been taken. It is noted that used vehicle tires are not included among flammable materials.

Disinfection must be performed regularly in storage areas by specialized cleaning crews to prevent mosquitoes from collecting in the piles of tires.