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Procedure Of Utilizing Tires

ELT’s can be used for either energy recovery or material recovery.

Energy recovery usually takes place in energy intensive industries such as those using the tire as a source of energy. Such industries are mainly cement industries, steel industries, lime industries, ceramics industries, electricity generating plants, paper industries etc. All over Europe, the most common destination for used tires, either as whole tires or as shredded materials are cement industries. In cement industries, the used tires are fed with the raw materials to the rotating kilns, where they are used as alternative fuels but also as material for the production of clinker.

To utilize them as materials, the used tires go through mechanical processing during which they are shredded in many phases, producing smaller and smaller sizes of shredded tires, while at the same time there is a mechanical separation of the materials composing them. There are three materials resulting from the mechanical processing of used tires:

  1. The main product of mechanical processing is the crumb rubber or rubber powder in various desired grain sizes.
  2. The metals contained in the structure of the tire and strengthen its construction.
  3. The textiles contained mainly in the tires of passenger vehicles.

All 3 materials above are absorbed in final applications.