System Role

The final disposal of used tires is a particular problem nowadays, as needs and modern lifestyles result in a forever increasing large volume of used tires. Tires do not decompose easily, and as a result their uncontrolled disposal to the environment constitutes a huge ecological problem.

Burying in Landfills is not recommended as they take up a large effective volume and thus reduce the average lifespan; in any case, this has been forbidden by EU directive 31/99. At the same time, their uncontrolled burning leads to the release of hazardous substances which are dangerous for public health.

«ECOELASTIKA S.A», as supervisor of ELT’s management, contributes to their recovery with environmental benefit as the basic criterion. The main methods of alternative management of ELT’s are the production of crumb rubber via mechanical granulation, energetic recovery via co-incineration in cement kilns or steel industries and re-use (retreading, used tire trading).

End of life tires have no commercial value. In contrast, they have “negative value“, which means that all the collection, transport and final recovery work must be funded. This role has been taken on by Ecoelastika.