Tire Owners

Ecoelastika manages ELT’s coming from owners in accordance with the terms of special cooperation agreements. Owners of used tires may be:

Dismantlers of End of Life Vehicles

End of Life Vehicles delivered by their owners are broken down at vehicle dismantling facilities. These units belong to the network of the approved system of ELV’s. The scrap tires are removed during decontamination and dismantling of end of life vehicles, and these are collected separately at the dismantling facilities and delivered to Ecoelastika in accordance with the more specific terms of the relevant cooperation agreement. A prerequisite for the signature of an agreement between Ecoelastika and the Dismantler is the previous signature of a cooperation agreement between the dismantler and ELV approved system.

Packaging Recycling Sorting Plants

The sorting of packaging materials included in the blue bin is done at the Recycling Sorting Plants. Small quantities of tires, mainly of passenger vehicles and motorcycles, are many times discarded in the blue bin. These quantities are sorted by the RSPs and delivered to Ecoelastika in accordance with the special terms of the relevant cooperation agreement between the RSA and Ecoelastika. The aim of Ecoelastika is not to encourage this type of collection of used tires in recycling bins with correct information of all parties involved.

Vehicle fleet tires (Technical companies, Transport companies, etc.)

Many large technical or transport companies with a fleet of vehicles have their own tire changing garage. In these cases where the change of used tires is done within the company, the used tires are delivered to Ecoelastika in accordance with the terms of the special agreement signed between Ecoelastika and the owner.

Illegal Dumping (Municipalities, Solid Waste Management Bodies, etc.)

Ecoelastika also contracts with Municipalities and Solid Waste Management Bodies in order to manage used tires coming from uncontrolled disposal. The aim is to prevent the phenomenon of uncontrolled disposal, with concurrent encouragement (via the relevant authorities of the State) of the waste producers to deliver their old tires to Ecoelastika when they are discarded, that is at tire repair shops (the source).

Solid waste management companies

Ecoelastika signs also cooperation agreements with solid waste management companies with objective to manage ELT’s that could be found in transported solid waste stream. In this case ELT’s are sorted out of the rest waste stream and managed according to the instructions of Ecoelastika which are part of a special agreement between the two parties. The origin of the ELT’s of this category are many and indefinable. The aim of Ecoelastika is not to encourage this type of collection of used tires.