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Collection points are tire repair shops and garages throughout the country which are registered members in the Ecoelastika system. The collection of used tires from the collection points is sub –contracted done via Ecoelastika licensed collectors – transporters. The procedure is as follows:
When at least 60 passenger car tires and/or 10 truck tires and/or 45 motorcycle tires are collected at each collection point, Ecoelastika must be informed for collection of the ELT’s, stating the quantity collected per tire category, and this is registered with the IT system of the company. The collector – transporter who has been appointed for each geographical area is electronically notified on a daily basis by Ecoelastika for standing orders. After collecting the ELT’s from the collection points, the collector informs Ecoelastika. Also, Ecoelastika contacts the served collection points on a daily basis to be informed about the exact number of ELT’s that were collected by the collectors per area.